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Business philosophy

Nowadays, “choosing” is becoming more and more difficult. In an era where unreliable information is flooded on the internet, many people feel insecure, not knowing which option is best for themselves.

We have the desire to bring a future where everyone can feel secure and satisfied when having the best choice for themselves; where individuals and businesses that provide services and products of real value will be selected and exist for a long time.

We – thechester, hopefully at some point in the future, will be able to change the way we view the internet, change the lives of 8 billion people around the world and contribute to the development of humanity. type.

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We – thechester offer a media website with the goal of making “selection” simpler and more enjoyable.

We’ll help you make your choices online by presenting you with really good products, curated based on comparative experiments at thechester combined with expert advice.

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Operation range

Thechester was established in Vietnam and up to now has expanded to 8 countries and territories: Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, USA, Netherlands, Denmark, Brazil, UK, Philippines.

Company culture


Values – Values at thechester mean a lot to each of our employees. We believe that adherence to these values is the key to thechester’s growth.


Thechester aims to create a service for consumers. Therefore, we believe that “honesty” with consumers is a prerequisite.

We will create a service for all users in the world, pursue the goal of “for the consumer” with integrity, and will not let any compromise affect the goal. that.


With thechester, “synergy” does not mean that individuals have to make sacrifices for the organization, but it means that each and everyone will work together to achieve a common goal.

There will certainly be many challenges ahead, as well as great goals that thechester team wants to achieve despite all the difficulties. And we think that in order to overcome those difficulties and challenges, it is necessary to have a cooperative team linked by a strong relationship on the basis of mutual trust.


In order to make thechester a global service, each member of mybest understands that each individual also needs to strive every day to develop themselves.

thechester believes that, by putting themselves in a harsh environment, always challenging themselves and continuing to work hard, each member at thechester will be able to rise and grow more every day. It is this “stoic” attitude that represents the stance needed to complete the cycle of challenges and work hard for the growth of the company as a whole.

Company information

  • Address: 449/62/28 Truong Chinh, Ward 14, Tan Binh District, HCMC
  • Representative: Dai Nam