How to carve a turkey?

How to carve a turkey is not the same for every one. Some of us may have been taught to “hand carve” our turkeys. This means that you use your own personal, sharp knife to take out the meat. While this method may work well for some, it does present some dangers that you need to know about. If you want to learn how to remove a turkey successfully then you should pay close attention.

The first thing that you need to know is that you should only cut the fat on one side of the turkey. By cutting the fat on one side you will leave extra connective tissue that will wrap around the skeleton. You can pinch the fat off the other side and salvage the meat but it will be tougher to carve. So, if you are a beginner at taking apart a turkey you should stick with the one side only.

Next you will need to make homemade brine to help preserve the meat. Homemade brine will give the turkey the perfect flavor so when you carve you will have a delicious, moist turkey to eat. For brining we take a piece of chicken or beef and dry it in a container. We then add brine and salt to the container and cover for one day. This brine will help lock in the juices from the meat and keep it moist while you carve.

To start you will need a turkey and a big pan. For the turkey you will need a large pan filled with water and brought along an oil spray. You will also need a hot grill and a wood smoker box. The idea is to build up the heat while smoking the turkey to cook it evenly. We will be using the wood smoker but you could also use a propane turkey smoker too. Put the bird into the box and close the lid and let it sit for thirty minutes.

Then remove the wings and the legs from the turkey. Use a fork to carefully remove the breast meat from the breast so you do not catch any juices. After this remove the giblet bag which has been tied to the turkey with a string.

Now it’s time to remove the wing tips and the rump. Using a sharp knife gently pull the skin back on the wing tips and on the rump. Do this over both the top and bottom half of the turkey. Once you have done this move the knife to the inside of the turkey and slice through the inside flesh, just make sure the knife doesn’t touch the raw meat. After this move the knife slowly towards the tail end of the bird and slice through the flesh here too.

You will now notice that the turkey is no longer visible as an intact lump but now it has a nice divider in the middle between the eyes. Now cut along this divider making sure that you continue to cut on the outside of the turkey. If you don’t understand how this is done, take someone with you that does. Once you have finished slicing through the top and the bottom half of the turkey then it’s time to pull the joint apart. You will notice that the upper portion of the bird will have two large pieces that are similar in size and shape to each other and the lower part of the bird has two smaller pieces.

To remove the skin carefully pull each piece of the meat out by the root. It is important to remember to always cut the skin on the outside of the turkey. When you are finished, hold the pieces of meat with tweezers and use a saw blade to cut through the pieces. Now, as you can (with a sharp knife) cut into the fat you will notice that the pieces don’t go together as they should and this is what we need to smooth out.