How to cook pork shoulder?

How to cook pork shoulder is one of those simple questions that we have to answer when we want to maximize the value of our money. Pork shoulder is a very cost effective cut. It’s usually $1.69 per pound where retail purchase. However, even if you calculate on chopping down 40% off your starting poundage to cooking, you’re still end up with a large bang for your buck since pork shoulder is usually very large. This article will give you some tips and tricks on how to cook pork shoulder.

Slow cookers are now available for home cooks to take full advantage of this cost saving benefit. So, instead of pan roasting your pork shoulder roast, why not try a slow cooker? In just a few hours, your pork shoulder roast will be tender, juicy and delicious. The slower cooking process also locks in more of the natural flavor of your pork shoulder. If you’re worried about your slow cooker burning, you can avoid this problem by using a rack for your slow cooker.

Slow cookers come in two kinds: gas and electric. Gas models have a wire mesh basket in which the meat is placed and a heating element located above the basket. An electric model has a glass steamer connected to the cooking device. The meat is placed inside and a fan near the steamer heats the water that forms the broth. Electric models usually have a reversible setting so you can cook both sides at the same time.

Most gas and electric slow-cookers have a separate section for the vegetables. This section can be called your vegetables basket. Normally, there are several different vegetables you can choose from such as green beans, potatoes and carrots. You can then place your chopped vegetables in the basket with your pork shoulder. To enhance the taste of your pulled pork, you can also add a bit of sweetness such as sweet onions or barbecue sauce.

The benefits of using a slow-cooker over a stove top include easy cleanup. Since the items you place in your basket are cooked in liquid, they are not subject to heat or burning and you can simply remove them from the cooker and place them on the table for family or Thanksgiving dinner. The vegetables remain tender for a longer period of time since they are well cooked.

Pork shoulders usually weigh in the range of twenty to thirty pounds and are usually around one inch thick. The size of your pot will depend on how much meat you are making and if you are going to make the meat larger pieces like a shoulder roast, you’ll need a larger pot. Pork shoulders are the preferred choice of meat for pork lovers and those that don’t normally eat beef. They tend to be richer in flavor than other cuts of meat and are more affordable as well.

A common method of cooking pork shoulder steaks is by using a grill or smoker to cook them. Since grilling requires direct heat from a lighter fluid and oxygen, this cooking method can be time consuming and you may want to use gas or charcoal to assist in the cooking process. Depending on the size of your gas or charcoal grill or smoker, the cooking time for a half-size steak can take from one to three hours while a large cut can take up to seven hours.

If you prefer to cook your steaks in a skillet, you can purchase a non-stick skillet or an electric skillet. You can also purchase a cast iron skillet, which conducts and evenly heats the oil. If you are looking for a non-stick skillet, you can find both at your local shopping center or supermarket. Cast iron is a favorite among chefs because it is easy to clean and you can turn your steaks directly over to brown on the other side. However, if you plan on using a stove top or broiler to cook your steaks, you will want to make sure that you have purchased a durable product such as a cast iron pan to prevent premature damage or, you could end up damaging your skillet to the point it will not work anymore.