How to make beef Wellington?

How to make beef Wellington is one of the most popular dishes in New Zealand. This tenderloin-wrapped delight is much more delicious than you might think and really brings out the best in beef. In fact, Wellington, the largest city in the North Island of New Zealand, is known as “Beef City” due to the large amount of local beef. The Wellington district is bordered by the Hawke’s Bay and Te Anau. So, it’s no surprise that Wellington has some of the best beef restaurants and cafes in the country.

To make beef Wellington, you need a simple recipe that can be followed and perfected without a sweat. Beef tenderloin (also called flat steak or chop roast), is the most common type of beef in NZ restaurants. It is often cooked medium rare with flipping, but I like to cook it medium rare with a slice of lemon to give it a little extra zing. There are some very simple tricks and guidelines that most people have learned while on a culinary adventure which feel very worth sharing.

If you’re looking for the simplest and quickest way to make beef Wellington, then this dish is it! The basic ingredients are: beef tenderloin, white wine (depends on your cooking skill), onions, butter, garlic, salt and pepper. Place the beef in the oven at the appropriate degree of (slow cooker temperature is fine). For example, if your oven suggests around 150 degrees, then pan fry your onions at this temperature. Don’t forget your butter!

I make beef Wellington recipe this way so that I can save time and have a nutritious and filling meal during the holiday season. You could also do this same but with the cut of meat being larger; i.e., shoulder, rib, etc. If you find that you are in a hurry when preparing this dish, just use the larger pieces.

Start by preparing your meat: if you are using a bigger piece of meat, then cut it into small pieces first, and then chops it into uniform chunks. Now slice your beef tenderloin into one inch strips. Place these on top of a baking tray, and cover with baking foil. Once covered, set your oven to medium heat. It’s important to make sure that the meat is well browned before removing from the oven.

This part is relatively simple. Just mix your medium rare or steakhouse grade beef with your desired sauce. When the meat has browned nicely, then remove it from the oven, and place it on a wire rack to finish cooking. When it is almost done, then turn the oven switch to the burners. At this point, your Wellington will be ready!

Your Wellington will come out golden brown. Don’t worry about it getting any less tasty as this process of cooking beef Wellington will take about an hour. Once your beef is cooked, remove it from the oven, and let it rest for a while. Open up your foil pouch and allow the steam to escape. You can now serve your Wellington along with your baked potatoes and/or crisp celery.

The final step to how to make beef Wellington is to use your pastry bag to fill the Wellington with the beef tenderloin. You will want to keep about 1 inch of meat in the bottom of your pastry bag. Now all you have to do is add your desired sauce and any vegetables of your choice to that layer. Then give your entire half a good pank load of bread per inch of meat and your completed beef tenderloin is ready to serve!